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Connecting, educating, & empowering city leaders to build stronger, more resilient communities.

Community Cultivators Network

Overcoming the status quo to truly prioritize the long-term sustainability of our cities is hard work - especially by yourself. The Community Cultivators Network equips you with information, tools, and a support network to make meaningful progress, starting today.

What's inside the Network?

Curated content – saves you time & money that you’d otherwise spend following multiple sources and attending conferences like ICMA, APA, CNU, GFOA, etc.

✅ Access to a community of like-minded peers from various roles and technical backgrounds to share and explore ideas, success stories and lessons learned with.

✅ Customized coaching and support from industry experts and your professional peers via webinars, Q&A sessions, regional meet-ups.

Get Started Cultivating Change in Your City


The Status Quo Has to Go

Don't keep spinning your wheels implementing policies and processes you know don't create places people and businesses want to experience and invest in.

😳 Do you see and feel a need to change your city’s development approach to one that is financially strong, environmentally resilient and socially inclusive, but struggle to get others on board

😳 Are you tired of participating in siloed organizations and conferences that only focus on pieces of community building—and hungry for one place that connects people and perspectives from different disciplines together to work collaboratively toward shared goals?

😳 Would you like to learn about specific actions and approaches that will help your community make immediate and meaningful progress with the resources you have available?

We've got your back. 

We know that too often, local government employees wind up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by a seemingly endless list of growing problems and shrinking resources—and feeling powerless to make meaningful changes. We don’t think city leaders like you should have to carry these burdens alone. 

In our work with cities across North America, we come across people and places doing great things to transform themselves, their teams, and their cities. The Go Cultivate! workshops and podcast we launched in 2018 gave us a platform to share these stories, tools, and approaches with other community leaders hungry for new options. But it became clear that change agents in cities - people like you - wanted a place to explore these issues and actions on a deeper level with our team and especially with each other. 

We wondered if there was a way to turn these connections into something bigger - a place to connect, empower and grow community change agents in local government. We've created this network to be that place. As your community hosts, our Verdunity crew will do our very best to provide relevant content, experiences, and discussions to support you and your team on your quest to make your community stronger. 


"Kevin and the Verdunity team are leaders in the field. When only a few others were even talking about it, Kevin was looking for answers as to why cities struggle financially and how engineers can change their approach to put the financial health of the community—and not just the next project—front and center."

Chuck Marohn, Founder & President of Strong Towns

Your tribe awaits.

Nudging our communities toward a more financially strong, socially inclusive and environmentally resilient model is tough enough; don't go it alone. Ask for help on those complex problems that you can't just Google.

Shared values. The Cultivators in this community really care about their city's economic, financial, environmental, and social well being. It's a group you can confidently share your challenges, ideas, and progress with.

Mix of expertise and perspectives. Community Cultivators are city managers, finance directors, elected and appointed officials, planners, engineers, economic development specialists, public works directors and more. What aligns all of us in the community is a passion and commitment to moving our communities beyond business as usual.

Challenging questions. The right questions move us toward solutions for more equitable, sustainable, responsible, and compassionate cities. We are constantly asking the (sometimes uncomfortable) questions that spark creative responses to our communities' biggest problems.

Discussions that matter. We firmly believe that vulnerability is the route to authentic connections and 'aha' moments, so we've created a safe space where we can sweat the big stuff.

Start cultivating change in your community today!


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